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for architects

Manage your
projects beautifully helps keep your projects on track, your team in the loop, your clients happy and gain back your time for creativity and design.

No more

Yes to digital transformation

Our cloud based platform has been designed and created to enable architects to plan, track and collaborate more effectively.
With user-friendly functionality, saves time, improves communication and delivers a holistic view of any architectual project, at any stage.


Start to finish

Simply and successfully manage your projects from start to finish with all work planned and tracked using Architect, clients and consultants have visibility from inception to completion, with no surprises.

How it works

Want to manage all of your projects in one place? Like others in your field, trust to help you. Our software can help you to plan, track and collaborate better with your team.

A project management tool designed by, and specifically to meet the needs of architects and your clients. Replace the use of spreadsheets and sporadic communication with best practice and consistency. will enable you to manage your projects beautifully.


  • Generate your programme and anticipated timeline as a Gantt Chart in 3 simple steps.
  • Create and use project templates, including the RIBA Plan of Work.
  • Set up project team members and assign roles and tasks.
  • Populated programmes with predefined dependencies which can be deleted or edited to easily tailor projects as needed.


  • Dashboard view of all live projects.
  • Archive of previous completed projects.
  • Make project decisions based on the visual aid of the Gantt Chart with dependencies shown.
  • Review a list of tasks with expected start and end dates.
  • Ability to easily edit and update the programme as the project progresses.


  • Provide clients and other members of the project team with easy access to login and view their project at anytime, anywhere via a browser.
  • Maintain one single source of truth relating to the project.
  • Choose when to send updates and automatic notifications of tasks due.
  • Ability to download or print the project plan.