The Project Communication Platform
for Architects and Their Clients

Increase your productivity, delight your clients and enable good project outcomes.

Plan better, track more and communicate often!

  • Statistics tell us that around 50% of architects work comes from referrals or repeat business. With that in mind it could not be more important to present your practice in the most professional way. can help.

  • We know that consumers expectations are high. They want you to interpret their dreams and requirements into a beautiful design, but they also want an easy ride through the project. can help.

  • The role of an architect can be vast; workloads are huge and time is precious. You want to work as efficiently as possible, spending less time on project admin and more time designing. can help.

Start to finish

“Simple to set up and easy to use anywhere. It’s a great way of planning and controlling the programme with your client.”
Gresford Architects

“When your clients are at ease and better updated, it reduces the pressure in the office.”

How it works

Prior to using projects are managed through the use of spreadsheets, emails, file sharing, note pad to do lists, charts on the office wall. Communication is sporadic. Clients are always chasing for information and updates. Keeping on top of all projects with information in different places is like spinning plates at the circus..

After adopting all projects have a home and life is calmer. Your practice can see who is working on what project and at what stage they are at. Each project has a programme of work showing the stages, key tasks, who they are assigned to, due dates and dependencies.

Clients feel reassured that they are in safe hands. They like having access to a real-time view of their project plan to track progression and dependencies. They appreciate getting notifications when things change and having a central place to find project related documents and information.

Plan Better

  • All projects deserve a professional programme.
  • Generate your programme and anticipated timeline as a Gantt Chart in 3 simple steps.
  • Create and use project templates, including the RIBA Plan of Work.
  • Set up project team members and assign roles and tasks.
  • Populated programmes with predefined dependencies which can be deleted or edited to easily tailor projects as needed.

Track More

  • After creating your programme, keeping track of progress has never been easier.
  • Dashboard view of all live projects.
  • Easily and quickly edit and update the programme as the project progresses.
  • Make project decisions based on the visual aid of the Gantt Chart with all dependencies shown.

Communicate Often

  • Provide clients and other members of the project team with easy access to login and view their project at anytime, anywhere via a browser.
  • Store and share key project documentation.
  • Maintain one single source of truth relating to the project.
  • Choose when to send updates and automatic notifications of tasks due.
  • Ability to download or print the project plan.