The Story was born from a shared vision to provide architects with an easy to use software tool designed specifically to meet the needs of a project team collaborating on a building design and construction project.

Architect Tom Gresford met software engineer Joe Thompson when they were introduced through friends and Tom was appointed by Joe to design his home extension.

Working together they found they were both driven to find a way of improving how an architectural project could be planned up front, how progress could be tracked and communicated and generally how the process could be easier for all involved.

Tom was frustrated with the lack of specialist project management software available for small to medium sized architect practices. ‘We want to work professionally and to manage our projects in a seamless and efficient way, and our clients want to have programmes for their projects. Spreadsheet and emails just don’t cut it!’

Joe’s interest was in how software could impact the construction sector and as a client undergoing house refurbishment projects, he had a personal interest too. ‘You’re making such a huge investment in your home, but it’s so difficult to understand all of the stages involved and to keep track of things’.

With the addition of Vicki Goodin to the team, to lead the market awareness and onboarding of users, has big ambitions.

“We are working with architects everyday with the ultimate goal of providing a software solution which enables a good project outcome, with efficiency and professionalism at the heart of what drives us. We are always listening and learning and will continually improve and evolve.”

Meet the team

Joe Thompson


As a technology solutions expert, Joe is responsible leading our design and development team to make a top notch product.

Tom Gresford


As an architect with a successful practice, Tom leads the insight and connection in to the industry.

Vicki Goodin

Head of Sales & Marketing

Vicki joined the team in September 2019 to engage with the architectural market, demonstrate the value of using and build a user community.