We are extremely proud that Architect Your Home have chosen to make use of briq.works to enable their architects to provide clients with an easy access, real-time view of their project programme.

Architect Your Home offer services for home renovation and extension projects. They have a razor-sharp focus on ensuring their clients get the service they need, presented simply, and with the client experience being central to the offering.

Architect Your Home already make use of a bespoke software platform to ensure the architect and client can work effectively together. Adding the use of briq.works compliments existing services by now giving clients a clear view of their programme throughout the lifecycle of their project.

The Gantt Chart view of the programme, generated and edited easily in briq.works, allows the architect to show the stages and tasks that are involved in the project along with any dependencies.

briq.works is designed specifically as a project communication platform for architects and their clients. By providing clients with access to briq.works they appreciate the transparency and professionalism of their architect and feel reassured that they are in safe hands.

For more information on Architect Your Home please see their website https://architect-yourhome.com/

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