Vicki Goodin’s arrival as the Head of Sales and Marketing for marks a very exciting new stage for us. Read here about her plans…

Vicki Goodin recently joined to build our user base and spread the word amongst the architect community. It’s a busy time for as we move from user testing within small groups to launching the product more widely.

Here we catch up with Vicki as she starts her new role.

Life before

Vicki comes to us with a background in the travel tech industry. ‘My early career really stimulated my love of working both in tech, and in small start-ups. I thrive in the start-up mentality, where you’re so much closer to your customers and there’s that flexibility and opportunity right at the start of building a business.

Throughout her career, Vicki has seen first-hand the difference that tech can make, so when the opportunity to work at came up she was keen to jump aboard. ‘I’m thrilled to be working with co-founders Joe Thompson and Tom Gresford at We’ve got a small user base up and running and now’s the time to really spread the word. Over the next few months I’m going to be getting out and about, attending events and visiting practices to gather feedback and learn from our users, both current and potential.’

So what excites you about

After talking to the group of early users and testers, Vicki sees that there is a cautious appetite for adopting new technology within architecture.

‘ is just so simple and intuitive to use, and it helps architects set up their project plans quickly and efficiently, keeping their team and client in the loop all the way through. Our testing so far has shown that when architects use, there’s much greater collaboration within teams, as well as fewer calls from clients checking up on project status.’

‘More specifically, I’m really excited by our new template feature. Giving architects the ability to set up their own bespoke project templates within means that they can use in a way that perfectly suits them, and setting up a project timeline will take literally only a couple of minutes.’

What can architecture can learn from the travel business?

The travel industry is much further along in its adoption of tech than architecture, but Vicki has learned some valuable lessons from working in that sector.

‘It’s absolutely crucial with a new tech product launch to be clear from the start on how it can help. Generic and ill-fitting systems cause frustration and distraction. Products must add value. And technology can only help and enable; it’s how you adopt and use the tools that makes the difference to your daily life and business.’

And finally… what’s life like outside work?

Busy! My kids really inspire my work, as seeing the world through a child’s eyes is so refreshing and helps keep things in perspective.

Ultimately though, what inspires me are the people I work with, both colleagues and customers. I’m driven to understand what motivates (and frustrates!) people, with an aim of finding a solution to help them. That’s really how I’ve ended up working in tech. Recognising the importance of tech in our lives and how it can make a difference is what powers me forward, every single day.

Welcome Vicki!