According to a recent survey on the Architecture Marketing Blog, there’s potential disconnect between what architects think their clients want and what their clients actually want.

The differences are small but significant, and any architect looking for a smoother client relationship should take note.

So, what do architects think their clients want? Architects say that what is most important to their clients is that they, as an architect, truly understand their clients’ needs.

But when it comes to what clients value, it’s slightly different, with good communication, relevant skills, and an ability to help the construction process run smoothly ranking highly.

A desire to improve architect/client communication and find a way to engage clients more deeply with the construction process were key drivers for our co-founders, Tom Gresford and Joe Thompson, when they set up, an online tool that produces professional and detailed project plans for architects and shares them with their clients.

Joe says, ‘ is simple but effective, saving architects so much time and hassle. I’ve been through house refurbishment a couple of times, so I know from a client point of view how difficult it is to keep track of things, and how poor the customer experience can be.’

Carl Shorter, of Shorplans Architects in London uses to both reassure (and impress!) his clients and reduce admin time in the office. ‘Clients know we’re progressing their projects and feel reassured from the start and this has reduced the number of ‘catch up’ phone calls significantly’, he says.

Lianne, who’s working with an architect on a new build, says that using with him has made the whole process much more transparent. ‘With, I can see what’s  coming up. The project planning and information sharing worked really well.’

We’ll finish with a few words from our co-founder and architect Tom Gresford. ‘When there are problems in a project, it’s usually down to a lack of communication somewhere down the line. Clear communication and a shared understanding of the project goals is key for successful projects…and happy clients’

If you’d like to see how could save you time and improve your client comms, drop us a line at or book a demo on our website