In a previous blog post I talked about how to go about selecting the right software for your practice

Following on from making your choice (and being clear what the ROI should be in terms of time saved, cost savings, extra revenue generation, customer experience, the impact of doing nothing) it’s important to then ensure you get maximum value from the software you have invested in.

No system can magically solve all problems, it takes some effort to make them work for you. Any organisation large or small will only reap the benefits and see value if they put time in to set up, adoption and continual best practice use.

Many of us find change and the addition of new systems to be a challenge. It is therefore important to get your team on board, and bought in. All users need to recognise quickly that a new system will benefit them and/or the organisation as a whole.

New systems will likely mean some changes to processes and this should not be seen as a negative thing. New systems should help to streamline the way you work. It is important that everyone is open to this. Where there is resistance to change open dialogue should be encouraged to talk through concerns and overcome any hurdles.

Having said that many people don’t like change, there are those that relish it and love working with new systems. These people can really help to make the process of digital transformation and implementing systems and changes go smoothly. These people can be known as “Change Agents”. Identify your Change Agents and empower them to drive the adoption and spread their enthusiasm.

Following the initial adoption of a new system it is important to recognise that this is not the end of the process. Digital transformation is about continually reviewing and evolving what you do. This doesn’t mean regularly needing to change systems or adding more systems, it just means keeping a focus on how you do things. Encourage your Change Agents and tech savvy team members to look for continual improvements.

Ensure you read any information sent to you from your software providers…make the most of updates and new functionality provided. Also speak to peers and keep abreast of digital trends and what solutions others are working with and how they are getting the most from their systems.

Keep questioning, learning and striving for improvement. Those that do will reap the benefits!