Behind every great product there’s a great group of testers and early users giving feedback. Here are some of their comments on the benefits of using

‘It gives me an edge over the competition’

One user, the owner of a small practice in South London, uses to set him apart from other practices when approaching new clients. ‘ allows me to offer a really professional service to my clients. I involve them in the timeline of their project early on and they can check on project status whenever they like. So they feel reassured, and I’m able to get on with what I do best – designing houses and building my business.’

‘If something in my plan changes, I see its impact on everything else’

Adrian, a young architect working in an east London practice, enjoys the benefit of ‘dependencies’ within the project plan. ‘Day to day, I use to communicate with my client and team. Not only does alert me when I need to start a new task, if anything slips I can immediately see the impact that the slippage will have on the rest of the plan. has pre-set links or ‘dependencies’ between certain stages of the plan – and you can set your own. This means that my project plan is always completely up to date, and my client and team always see the most current version.’

‘As a client I’m a detail person’

One of the benefits of using is that it makes the client experience so much better. Clients can check the schedule of their project 24/7 and receive notifications when they need to sign off on something.

Lianne recently commissioned an ambitious new build in the Chilterns and is working with an architect who is using She said, ‘With I can see the tasks assigned to me, and what’s going on generally with the project. The information sharing works really well, and it’s been super useful to understand what’s coming up.’

‘With I know when I’m going to be busy’

When you manage your projects with, they’re all stored in one place, with an overview of everything on the main dashboard. Adrian explains, ‘If you’re managing a number of projects, helps you to see where the overlaps and busy periods are going to be over the year, helping with planning and resourcing.’ Forewarned is forearmed!

‘It’s transformed our weekly meetings’

If you’re currently structuring your weekly project meeting around a giant spreadsheet, try instead. When your practice uses, your whole team can see where each project is at and what’s coming up, meaning team meetings start on the front foot. One of our users, practice owner Carl, commented ‘I’ve ditched the paper spreadsheet and just use now to set the agenda for our project meetings. Everyone in my practice has access to it, so everyone’s up to date. They’re all so much more prepared for the weekly project update now.’’

So there you have it, a few real-world examples from architects just like you. The only difference is, they’re already using If you’d like to find out more, contact us now for a demo at