Your clients expect professional project management and communication. And they expect you to use the appropriate tools for the job. Emails and spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore!

Using helps architects to improve the client experience, and in turn it makes life easier for the architect.

Our latest video explains to your clients how you will use with them to guide them through their project.

I recently spoke to Carly who was in the middle of a project to build her forever dream family home in Anglesey. 

She was excited about the end result, but a little frazzled at this point! 

Here’s what she told me..

“Having recently come across I have recommended that my architects adopt the system. 

I am currently in the middle of a project to build our new family home and I am working with two architects. Collaboration on their part is really important. 

They are both brilliantly talented and I can’t wait for the building to be finished so we can move in. However, it is a real challenge to keep track of progress and I do find myself chasing them regularly for updates and information. 

I know that if we were to use things would be much clearer for me and I could stop harassing the poor guys who I hope will deliver our dream family home.”