Using to manage your projects means smoother collaboration with your team and your clients. Here’s how.

The relationship and communication between architect and client is an important one. A 2016 report from RIBA, ‘What Clients Think of Architects’ showed that in the areas of design impact, creativity and understanding clients’ needs, the majority of clients were extremely happy. But when it came to communication, process management, collaboration, and being kept in the loop when there were delays, over half of the clients surveyed said there was room for improvement.

At, when an architect sets up a project plan, they can share it with internal team members and also with their client. The client can clearly see the whole scope of the project including interdependencies between different stages, next tasks and key dates such as when site work begins, all in a professional and intuitive interface. And as any delays are pro-actively managed when the project gets underway, clients feel more reassured, involved and generally happier.

One of our early client testers said;

‘With my architect using to project manage my build, I could see all the tasks assigned to me through the project dashboard and was fully involved with progress. I’m a detail person, so it was super useful to understand what was coming up. And an added bonus was getting email notifications about my tasks, rather than a phone call — saves all that playing ‘telephone tag. The project planning and information sharing worked really well.’

And the architect’s perspective? Feedback from our users shows that clients are more involved, more reassured and more responsive. Which for one South London based practice owner has meant a huge reduction in client phone calls and happier clients.

We’ll leave the final comment to our client Lianne.

‘I just really like Why? Because client and architect can use it and both be working to the same system. And it just feels like a great new way of doing things.’

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